BIOGALACID aps were founded April 23. 2013.

BIOGALACID aps develops, produceses and market physiological functional

products containing Pectin and based on Pectins scientifically proven physiological qualities.



The two productlines of BIOGALACID aps:

  • Supplements under the trademark Frugtin®
  • Skinprotection under the trademark pH-Skincare®





Our products are sold from this website and from these retailers:

  • Nordic TC Health,  Store Kongensgade 6, 1264 København K., WeChat: nordictc.
  • Nordic TC Health is selling in China (PRC).

Pectin, what is it?

Pectin is, in the form of soluble fiber, and as one of the main components, naturally present in fruit and vegetables. So, on a daily basis we consume pectin, when we eat fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pectin is extracted for industrial use mainly from citrus peel, apple pomace and sugar beet pulp. The world's largest producer for extracting pectin is based in Denmark.

In food, pectin is used as a gelling agent in e.g. jams and jellies and as a stabilizer in acidified milk products. In addition, pectin has in recent years found applications in pharmaceutical products.