pH-Skincare® is a product, which is based on Pectins skinprotecting effect.

The normal acidity of the skin of adults is app pH 5.0. Often – and particularly after washing with soap – the pH-value will increase to around 8.0 or more, which has a negative influence on the natural bacterial flora and general state of the health of the skin.

Pectin is a plant extract and a mild acid with significant buffer, and as such may be used for restoring and – over a periode of time - maintaining the normal acidity of the skin. As pectin is also a strong water-binding ingredient it will at the same time contribute to the desired humidity of the skin.


The concept of pH-Skincare®  is the result of many years of scientific work. The functionality is in some detail described in this patent:

pH-Skincare® is available as:

  • Cream for face and hands 
  • Lotion for feet